Development of man

  1. The first specimens of Australopithecus genus in the family of hominids , originated on the soil of Africa in present-day Ethiopia.In their gender , there were those who were fed exclusively on plant foods , but there were those who ate meat.

  2. Homohabilis – first member of the genus Homo was created about two and a half million years. His remains were found in a gorge in Tanzania in East Africa.Cerebral capacity had been higher than in Australopithecus.His body was covered with hair and getting to know the pretext of some scream.He made stone weapons and used the fire.

  3. Homoerektus – lived in the period of a million and a half years .It was an upright man.Inhabit the African and Eurasian space. His bones are found on the island of Java.

  4.  Neanderthal man-first representative reasonable people. Named after the place where his bones were found .It is a place Neander near Dusseldorf.He lived at the end of the last ice age. He was decorated by the average growth about 160 centimeters.

  5. Homo Sapiens – a reasonable man is in fact a modern man.Inhabiting all continents.He reached the height of over 200 centimeters and his walk was erect.australopitekus


Prehistory is a long period of time that begins when the first people appeared on our planet. It traces the development of man in times to literacy. Occurrence letter that marks the end of prehistory is not everywhere in the same period emerged. Appeared in Mesopotamia around 3500BC in Egypt around 3200BC while the oldest letter on European soil in the area covered is about the 2200th BC. Two and a half million years BC prehistoric man began that made ​​tools and weapons. According to the material from which it is made ​​we pre-history can be divided into stone and metal age . Stone age is divided into:

  • old stone

  • medium stone

  • early stone

Metal age is divided into:

  • Bronze age

  • Copper age

  • Iron age